The Proper Ways to Store Perfumes

It’s very unlikely the perfume won’t change with time. There’s an expiration date on everything now. Yet, there are a few ways you can and should use to prolong its life and quality. Let’s discover the top tips on taking care of your favorite scents.

Fragrance storage in details

While many women like putting all their perfume bottles on the shelf to make it look pretty, it’s one of the worst things one can actually do. The light and temperature get on the bottles and influence the balance as well as a chemical formula. As a result, they often change the smell even sooner than the expiration date comes. By the way, it’s also important to get freshly made fragrances. Check out to get the newest addition.

One of the things you can do about it is to store in dark places like a wardrobe shelf or closet. In addition, it’s wise to keep them in the original package. It also protects from the influence of the surroundings.

Never keep your perfume in the bathroom. While it might be convenient, the humidity also destroys your fragrance fast. A cool dry place is the best choice.

Another useful tip is to keep the bottle closed. You don’t notice it, but in fact, the perfume keeps evaporating if the bottle is left without a cap. As a rule, mostly light notes evaporate ruining the balance of perfume.

When you take into account these simple but very effective tips, your favorite scent is sure to serve you longer.

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