The Complete Review of APKNATURE

There are many platforms that let you download games and apps for your Android. Today we’ll discuss one of them called APKNATURE.

The general impression

The website is very simple and has only two categories: games and apps. It’s not very convenient since you can’t sort the games according to the genre or any other filter for that matter. Its interface is very convenient due to the lack of unnecessary icons. You also won’t see any ads that often fill the screen on similar platforms.

The variety of games and apps

The website offers over 200 games in various genres including sports, racing, adventure, arcade, simulation, etc. If you know what game you need, you can use the search bar and quickly get to the needed one. In case you don’t, you can browse through over 50 pages of options.

If you want to download Android APK, you should also study the table in the description of each game. It’ll tell you the major characteristics, whether it’s compatible with your Android version, and how much space you need to get and run it.

The section of apps offers a lesser variety of options. It gathers the main apps a user might need. Here you get the application to stream TV and videos, play music, edit photos, etc. You can also download apps which allow you to buy train tickets or order things online.

All in all, it’s a very convenient and simple site to get the most beautiful games for Android and APK.

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