The Chess Bot To Serve You Fair Chess Play!

The Chess Bot To Serve You Fair Chess Play!

The game of brain

Chess is a brain-storming game and the fair play gives you the best experience and flavor of the game. The intricate and ever triggering brain game has been a favorite pass time of the sections of intellects. The chess bot helps you out with the basics of the games if you do not have any idea about it but are enthusiastic.

The basic features of chess bot

  • The faster and stronger calculation is accurate.
  • Supports certified and popular websites that provide chess gaming.
  • They support the UCI engine operated matches (chess game).
  • There is an Autobot mode to help you experience the game at ease.
  • The feature of continuing from the same position where you left.
  • The advisory mode helps the beginners grasp the basics of chess.
  • The configurable engine helps you decide what mode or what spread you want to match your opponent on.

The trial version

The trial version of the game has the basic features that are very appealing to the one who is new to the game. The chess bot ensures that the beginners get to know the game properly before getting into tournaments. The levels of difficulty are arranged such that it can generalize with the users according to their game experiences. The full version of the game constitutes the lichess detector that ensures the players experience fair matches.

The gaming experience

The gaming experience according to the users is the best as it goes from the lower level of difficulty to the section of expert battling mode. The full version will provide extra features to entertain the players through the saga of battles and tournaments. This fair gaming helps the players to improve technically and not just by cheat winning. One should at least try the trails before purchasing the game to acknowledge the efficient features.

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