Live Clean Today: 4 Types of Services You Can Order

Some cleaning companies are focused on one particular kind of services like house cleaning. Others, like Live Clean Today, have a wider range of services. Let’s find out what you can order and how often you can get it.

What can you order?

This cleaning company delivers high-quality cleaning in such categories:

  1. House cleaning. Get a one-time deal or create a routine and have the same team over to help you bring the house to order. They will clean the carpets, do the mopping, dusting, etc.
  2. Maid services. If you prefer to have more quality time with your family or simply don’t like washing the dishes and doing the laundry, you can easily delegate this job.
  3. Office cleaning. These services imply that the team of professionals will make sure that the first impression of the clients who enter your office will be just great. You can define what exactly you need them to do and be sure the high-quality services will be delivered on time as often as you wish.
  4. Commercial cleaning. No matter how small or big your company is, you need to have a cleaning team. In case you don’t feel like hiring a full-time crew, just delegate this to a third party company and pay only for the services you receive.

In addition to this variety, the company offers very competitive prices. Just contact the manager online or via phone and get the quote with the best price. The best thing is that you can even ask them to come to the last-minute cleaning and be certain to have a clean house or office fast.

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