How to start using Bitcoins and Bestmixer

Using cryptocurrency is not the same as using usual currencies online. This system has its own rules and requirements which require a clear understanding. It is important in term of safety too. Not all users know that the system has gaps in anonymity, which can be improved with such services as Bestmixer. 

Using Bitcoins and creating its anonymity with Bestmixer

The commission for sending Bitcoin is calculated individually each time. For example, in January 2018 there was high growth in the transactions, so they became more expensive, but then everything returned to typical values. When sending large amounts, such commission cannot be considered at all. Transfers without commission are also possible, but their transaction confirmation priority will be lower, so the time for their confirmation can be greatly increased.

To store Bitcoins, users need to create a special wallet or use some service that will provide such an opportunity. If you want to accumulate Bitcoin or use it for some other purpose, the easiest way to get it is through exchangers. In this case, the safety of your actions should be in the first place. There are special services that help users to prevent tracking and hacking their data. Such services are called bitcoin laundry among experienced users.


In addition to all the advantages, the system is characterized by transparency. You can track all transfers through the official blockchain website. All sequential block chains are stored here. So, if you send funds from one purse to another, this transfer can be tracked in the blockchain. This is good if you clearly understand it and not if you don’t. This situation requires more control from the user and help from the additional tool like Bestmixer.

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