How to Choose a Guitar for the Beginner?

Probably the hardest choice of every beginner is his first guitar. No wonder why. This choice can influence greatly on the way your music hobby will develop. The unsuitable guitar can destroy your desire to learn and practice the guitar. Let’s gather top tips on how to get the best instrument for a beginner.

The most important characteristics

You need to start by choosing the shape of your first guitar. The size must not be too big or too small. A visual image is very important for every beginner as it motivates him or her to pick up the instrument and start playing.

The second essential factor is to define the sum of money you are willing to spend on this hobby. While the price range is huge, you shouldn’t get the most expensive out there (even if you can afford it). 300-400 dollars is the best price gap for a beginner. You’ll get a decent instrument and won’t regret the expenses if you decide to drop out.

Don’t forget about these helpers

You should also think about all the accessories as well. You will definitely need a strap, an amp, fingerstyle sheet music, extra string, cables, etc. Once you decide on the model you wish to get, you’ll easily find the matching accessories. In addition, you can always consult with your music school or teacher on what suits you the best. Take a look at Epiphone Les Paul as it’s one of the most recommended guitars for beginners.

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