4 Celebs I follow

It’s so much fun to follow the celebrities you like. You can learn a lot about style, music and fashion. You can track what kind of dresses they wear to major events, opening a window into the world of showbiz and glamor. 

Here’s a list of the 4 divas I follow. 

Katy Perry

This celeb has been around the pop culture world for some time now. Her famous singles like Firework and Roar made way to weird tracks like Bon appetit and pranky ones like Swish Swish.


Madonna is all about dancing, feminism and singing. It’s amazing how many years this female role model has stayed in the limelight, always finding something new to share with her worldwide fandom.


Beyoncé brings vigor to the pop culture. Coming from Houston, she is always ready to do sizzle and sass on you. The songs are so catchy, you’ll inevitably hum some of them the next morning. 

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is an epitome of flamboyance. Challenging the norms of society with her exquisite dresses and amazing lyrics, she’s been the queen of the weird and out of the beaten track undercurrents in the showbiz world.

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