Indonesian Tourism Leads Mission Sales to Attract Muslim Chinese Tourists

The Indonesian Tourism is leading a mission for 5 days to tap the rise in travel demand of Muslims in prominent areas of the country like Beijing, Jinan and Xi’an.

The Halal Tourism Acceleration and Development Team Chairman of Ministry of Tourism, Indonesia, Riyanto Sofyan said that a visit to the beautiful landscape of China was a part of the drive as this is going to help them achieve a 20 million international tourist target along with 5 million Muslim visitors by the year 2019.

He also added that the mission of sales is an integral part of their ongoing drive, which wants to attract Muslim tourists from different parts of the world and become a desirable choice of destination. He also said that that China is one of their key markets as they share a long standing relationship, close proximity and economic partnership. He stated that their aim is to attract a large number of Chinese tourists who visit Indonesia each year.

Several airline and travel agents, local hotels and tourism experts are going to collaborate and promote the Indonesian Tourism and stress on how it caters to the needs of Chinese Muslims. In addition to this, they will also highlight the prospects of halal tourism market with the help of many presentations and workshops.

This delegation is not only going to target deals and get into partnerships with travel agents of China, but they are also going to encourage agents to include Indonesia in their programs and brochures.

The data from the Indonesian Ministry of Tourism shows that halal tourism has risen by a rate of 15.5 percent from the year 2013 to 2016. The data also shows that the number of Chinese tourists continues to rise and had hit a 1.5 million mark in the year 2016, which was 27 percent more than that of the previous year.

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